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League Standings
First Division
Team W L %
LI Mets 8 1 .889
NY Knights 5 3 .625
Chargers 1 2 .333
ACTA A's 0 0 .000
LI Black Sox 0 0 .000
LI Drive 0 0 .000
LI Storm 0 0 .000
LI Yankees 0 0 .000
Oilers 0 1 .000
69ers 0 1 .000
Brook Yanks 0 2 .000
Phillies 0 4 .000
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The Movie, The Natural

The inspiration behind New York Knights baseball. Roy Hobbs had tremendous talent and a promising baseball career. He even struck out the Whammer on his way to the big leagues. A beautiful, but psychotic woman makes the road to the majors a much longer one than originally hoped. Many years out of his prime Hobbs becomes a New York Knight and takes over in right field when Bump Bailey crashes through the outfield wall to his death. Hobbs rejuvenates a downtrodden team to win the pennant.

Our New York Knights play in 18+ leagues and tournaments. Some players are in their prime and are hopeful of their baseball careers, and other of us are just playing the game we love.

If you haven't seen the movie that has inspired us and many others, The Natural can be purchased in DVD or VHS form, or maybe just the sound track will do. Enjoy.