Game Summary

Frankie goes BOOM and Tommy goes Biking!!

SUFFOLK COUNTY, LONG ISLAND: In the most amazing offensive display in the 3+ years of the New York Knights, founding member Frank Giglio hit 4 home runs in a mercy defeat last night. Giglio broke the Knight record of 2 home runs, shared by multiple players, during last nights contest that ended with the first walk-off home run in the history of the team, by Giglio himself, no less. Frank had 8 RBI on the evening, but the 4 HR mark is expected to hold for a long time in the annals of Knights history.

The New York Knights lost in the Stan Musial championship game on August 16th. The game was lost in the bottom of the seventh inning in controversial fashion. The Knights went up to Cooperstown to avenge the loss, sweeping six games to capture their first trophy in their three year existence. Since their inception, they have won 2 of every 3 games they have played generally by out-slugging their opponents. Their main offensive weapons have included Pat Conway, John Bosch, Tommy Reilly, Anthony Chiaramonte, Jeff Alaniz, Bobby Gruttadauria, Juan Faya, and, of course, Frank Giglio But today was Giglio’s day, smashing 4 home runs, a mark that has never has exceeded by any player in the history of major league baseball.

During this win Tommy Reilly, the Knights newest utility player, while playing centerfield tried to upstage Frank's batting with an off the fence lead saving catch; instead Tommy went head first over the 8ft. fence dislocating his left shoulder...he's alright.

Sunday saw the Knights take 2 from the Port Jeff Mudcats. Starting game 1 with only 8 players, the Knights took an early lead 4 nothing with the ninth spot in the lineup recording an out in the first inning. Jeff Gorsky pitched another good game for the Knights with offensive highlights including a monster 2 run 400+ foot homerun by Pat Conway.

Game 2 began and ended in a terrential downpour. Rob Maier pitched a tremendous game controlling the slippery-15 lb water logged balls. Offensive highlights included Jeff Gorsky going 3 for 3 with 3 doubles and scoring 4 runs and a bomb from the bat of Bobby Gruttadauria that looked like a triple all the way until Bobby slipped around first and later took his position while doing the worm.

Tueaday, October 2...another day another win. On a beautiful fall evening the Knights resurrected a field from the puddle ladden Sawyer Avenue of 7pm to the playable Saywer Avenue of 8:30pm. Tommy Reilly pitched a gem striking out 9 and only allowing 2 baserunners...if the game hadn't ended in a mercy win Tommy was poised to break the single game strikeout record. Offensively the Knights lit it up...Jeff Gorsky another 3 for 4 bumping his average up to a whopping .617...Tommy Reilly hits for the cycle with a double in the first, a single in the second, triple in the third and a linedrive homer in the fifth...Richie Cave ends the game witha walk-off mercy rule winning homerun. The Nassau Reds had no chance on this night as we were all looking forward to T.G.I. Fridays after the game.

Support the New York Knights as they battle into Mother Nture’s cold breath. They are en route to a late fall championship run. Consider that in the bigs, the powers that be are worried that the World Series may extend into November. Oh, those poor … pussies! The Knights will have to march well into November if they want to emerge with another championship, and they are more than willing. Come to watch the Knights continue on! Next game … consult for details. And remember - those cold packs that you used for Knights doubleheaders to keep your cold cuts cold could also be used as warmth packs. *

* Consult packaging for validity of the prior sentence.