Game Summary

Knights Split with LI Storm then finish the regular season with a romping of the Nassau Reds!!

On an early Saturday morning, sleep seemed to be on the minds of most Knights' players...and most were still in their beds. As the first inning began, with the Knights batting, a ninth player finally emerged, but poor defense and a groggy state-of-mind led to a 9-1 loss for the Knights. the only highlight of this game was the towering 307 ft. homerun off the bat of powerhitting shortstop Adam Myers.

Game 2 started in much the same way, with the Knights spotting the Storm a 2 run lead in the first. After expanding the lead to 3-0, the Knights scored 2 in the 3rd inning on a walk from John Bosch and 3 consecutive singles from Richie, Adam, and Brian. The Storm aren't a team of quitters, as this game turns out to prove, so in the top of the 4th they immediately get 1 run back off a leadoff homerun. But let's not count out the Knights so soon. The bottom of the fourth saw a 3 run explosion led by Richie Cave's 2 run double and Adam Myers' RBI single. Back into the field the Knights go and for some reason like normal, the Knights gloves stay on the bench when playing the competitive teams. The top of the fifth saw 3 costly errors giving the lead back to the Storm on 3 unearned runs.

So with the score 7-5, the game continued to the bottom of the 7th. The top of the order, Jeff Gorsky, leads off with a single. A few pitches later, Frank Giglio finds his big stick again and crushes a 2-run game-tying homer. So with no outs and a tie game Tommy walks to start up the offense again. Two outs and a stolen base later Tommy gives Richie Cave his signal, swing I'm stealing, and swing Richie clutch does...single up the middle and the Knights win 8-7.

In what turns out to be the final game of the regular fall season the Knights beat up on the Summer Champion Nassau Reds. In any 17-7 romp there are many offensive highlights, so here are a few: Tommy Reilly, 2-3, 3 runs scored, and 3 RBI's; Pat Conway 3-4, 2 runs scored; John Bosch 2-3, 2 runs scored; Bobby Gruttadauria 2-4, 2 runs scored, 2 RBI's; Adam Myers 1-2 with a home run; Billy Vogt 2-4, a run scored and 2 RBI's; and most offensive, Anthony Chairamonte 4-4, 3 runs scored, 2 RBI's, and believe it or not a stolen base!!