Game Summary

The Tri-Village Giants, a Divison I team boasting some heavily recruited players, defeated the NY Knights in a great game last night, 8-7.

Armed with a pitcher who hit as high as 88 MPH on the radar gun, the Giants built an 8-1 lead and held on, holding off a late Knights rally in the top of the 7th inning. The Knights, who trailed 8-3 coming into the seventh, scored four runs and had Tommy Reilly step in with the bases loaded and two outs. Reilly hit a line shot headed for left field that was snared by the Giant's third baseman, ending the game.

Knights starter Greg Holmes (0-1), all 6'8" of him, kept the Knights in the game as long as he could, hitting 84 MPH on the radar gun himself. He allowed only three earned runs on 10 hits.

Shortstop Reilly went 3-for-4 with 3 RBIs, scored three times, and stole two bases. Third baseman Pat Conway, first baseman John Bosch, and right fielder Bobby Gruttadauria each had two hits, and Bosch and left fielder Frank Giglio each had two RBIs.

This reporter thought it was a great game. I sat in the stands, drinking my Mai Tai out of an emptied plastic 20-ounce Fresca container, breathing in the sultry Long Island air, and thinking to myself, "My goodness. Even though they ultimately lost this game, even though they made a few costly errors, and even though the Bacardi 151 rum may be slightly distorting my sensibilities, the Knights are one hell of a team. I actually pitied some of my collegues back at the home office who decided not to come to this one, a "late weekday game."

But word is getting out. Opposing teams are accessing these columns, trying to get some inside information that may provide some clues on how to somehow solve these Knights. Local fans are altering their Friday night and Sunday plans to accomodate the three remaining scheduled Knights games before the playoffs. And maybe it's time to join them in the stands.

And if you're really nice, I may let you have a sip of my Planter's Punch (I double the amount of dark rum.)