Game Summary

Taking a page right out of last year's chapter, Mother Nature decided to let it all out during the Sunday AM hours, causing a rainout for the New York Knights' scheduled doubleheader against the first-place L.I. Cardinals.

Despite the 75 degrees and sunny conditions at 5 PM, the scheduled start time for the double dip, the field was under water, not allowing the Knights to regroup after Saturday night's defeat at the hands of the Sachem Yankees.

The Yankees handed the Knights their first shutout in at least the last two years, 4-0. Despite another terrific start by Billy Vogt (1-1), a combination of Knights fielding woes and solid pitching by the lefty Yankees' starter, the Knights took their third loss of the year against six wins.

Pitcher Jay Harmon, who was scheduled to make his first start of the season against the Cardinals, was asked to put into perspective how he felt about the washout. "I guess you want to me to say something pithy that will help rationalize how this team feels," Harmon began. "Well, the only thing we are feeling right now is outright rage. We wanted to beat these Cardinals to establish ourselves as the team to beat this year. The momentum could have carried us through the next couple of weeks, during which we could be playing as many as nine games." When asked for a theory about why the Knights have now been rained out nine times over the past season-and-a-third, he answered, "I don't know. Maybe it is some infortuituously-timed low fronts. Perhaps it is some badly timed jet streams bringing wet Canadian air. Or maybe since that much-publicized divorce from Father Time, Mama Nature ain't gettin' any action, and we have to operate on the 'Misery Loves Company' theory. Which in this case means that if she has to suffer, so does the rest of the Eastern Seaboard."

Other Notes:

* The raffle drawing took place on Friday. The winning number was '101'. It is currently unknown who holds the winning ticket.