Game Summary

This weekend, it was a tale of two doubleheaders, and the Knights demonstrated that it was the best of times, and the worst of times.

Custom dictates that one imparts the bad news first, but for the sake of chronology we will start with the far more successful Saturday versus the Indians. In a game played without fences, the Indians pitchers were defenseless, giving up 24 runs before crying for mercy midway through the second game of the set. Game 1 was won 11-3, and Game 2 was the fourth Knights mercy, 13-1.

There were no shortage of offensive superstars on the day. Among them were Anthony Chiaramonte, who had 9 RBIs as he went 5-for-7 with a three-run home run and two doubles. Several of those RBIs scored Pat Conway, who in addition to tallying six runs went 4-for-6 with another home run that, having achieved escape velocity, is about to become another one of Jupiter's moons. Bobby Gruttadauria was 5-for-6 with a 3-run homer, scored five runs and drove in 5. And Frank Giglio, in his first role as leadoff batter this year, set the table going 3-for-6 with a walk and scored 4 runs.

Manager-catcher Paxton Provitera had an excellent Game 1, his best game of the year, going 3-for-4 with a double, and he gunned out a potential base stealer late in the game.

Two Knights pitchers were successful in their first starts of the year.

Game 1 starting pitcher Jay Harmon (1-0) had a bad outing, walking eight and having no command. It was the solid Knights defense (zero errors) that kept Harmon's line respectable. Game 2 featured a superior effort as Tommy Reilly (1-0) held the Indians to just one run in five innings.

But here's where the party ended.

Sunday's double dip against the Nassau Mets got off to an inauspicious start when only eight Knights showed up to Game 1. But the Knights, with only two outfielders, kept it close as Rob Maier (1-3) pitched another great game. For the second time this year, Maier had a not allowed a hit through four innings, and the hard-luck pitcher only allowed two runs when base hits found their way to the gaps in the outfield. The Knights fell, 2-1.

Pat Conway was 2-for-3, but was stranded three times in scoring position. Reilly scored the Knight's only run, scoring on John Bosch's sacrifice fly.

Game 2 had to be forfeited by the Knights because they did not have enough available players. For some reason, the official score in such an instance, for all you Stan Musial baseball league trivia fanatics, is 7-0.

Next weekend is the Fourth of July tournament. Support the Knights as they try to win their first tournament of the year.