Game Summary

Knights' Win Two by Forfeits and Play Some Football on the Side!

Paxton arrived at LaSalle, known for its inability to hold any water, at 8:50am under a slight mist to determine if the doubleheader against the Bay Shore Diamondbacks would be played. The field was in perfect shape and the slight mist was giving it just the right amount of water. As Paxton prepared the batter's boxes and mound he answered the numerous calls from the Knights' players and Diamondbacks' manager telling them all the game was on.

As 10 o'clock rolled around, the Knights had 8 players with Rich Cave 5, no 2, no 5 minutes away, the Diamondbacks had 5 players with little hope more would show, and the mist had turned into a light, but constant rain. At 10:07 Rich pulled in and brought the sun, unfortunately a Diamondback had left and the umpires called the 20 minute forfeit rule so no baseball would be played...but football...OH YEAH!!!

Hector Rolon and Rob Maier, having the arms that they do, decided to be the QBs and therefore captains. After the selections were made the teams were Hector, John Bosch, Richie Cave and Paxton Provitera versus Rob, Tommy Reilly, Pete Alfano and Billy Nester. Now if you're thinking those teams don't sound fair, you're right! Hector's team showed Rob how offense was supposed to be played, with each team member scoring a TD in their 7-6 victory which combined a running game with effective passing and some cuts that almost looked painful. This game didn't even have the word defense uttered once as Rob's team also scored each time they got the ball. They were just unable to catch up to the offensive juggernaut that Hector put together, maybe next time guys, maybe next time.

Knights Knotes:
* Hector Rolon is 1-0 as football captain