Game Summary

Knights Win Cooperstown Tournament

The New York Knights proved to be the best of 12 teams competing in this year's Cooperstown tournament, sweeping their way through six games and capturing their first championship. General Manager Bobby Molinaro and Manager Paxton Provitera assembled this Knights team, which has won 53 of 81 games in their three years of competition.

The Knights, who were inspired by their controversial loss in the Stan Musial league championship game, had superior pitching, and great offense from somewhat unlikely sources. The final game was a heartstopper, a 5-2 victory over the vaunted PAL Seminoles, an assembled powerhouse of some of Long Island's best players. That is, the best players from Long Island OTHER than that of the ones on the current Knights roster.

There were some great stories to come from this three day excursion to the middle of nowhere. Stay tuned for a detailed description of the Knights crusade. In the meantime, congratulations to the 2001 Knights for an incredible season!

Knights Knotes:

* An E-mail from George Wood...

Subject: Congrats! ( you were a" NATURAL")

To Pax and the guys - Congrats! You played great at EAB - but to win it all at Cooperstown 2001 - well that's truly Great! Hope to face you guys in the fall.

Coach Wood/ Port Jeff Mudcats