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League Standings
First Division
Team W L %
LI Mets 8 1 .889
NY Knights 5 3 .625
Chargers 1 2 .333
ACTA A's 0 0 .000
LI Black Sox 0 0 .000
LI Drive 0 0 .000
LI Storm 0 0 .000
LI Yankees 0 0 .000
Oilers 0 1 .000
69ers 0 1 .000
Brook Yanks 0 2 .000
Phillies 0 4 .000
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Baseball Rules

Baseball is one of the most complicated sports and as such there are many, many rules. Here we will describe the fundamental rules and positions, but for a more in-depth look at the rules visit Major League Baseball Rules Online.

The Field

A baseball infield takes the shape of a diamond, hence the nickname, with the vertices being the bases, first, second and third, and home plate. Foul lines run from the point of home plate past the edges of first base and third base to a fence which acts as the barrier of the field. Dimensions of the outfield vary from field to field, but the infield is always the same, 90 feet separate each base with 60 ft 6in being the distance to the pitching rubber.

The Positions

Nine players take the field for defense. These positions are numbered 1 through 9 starting with the pitcher and ending with right field. The catcher (2) actually plays in foul ball territory and receives the pitches. The first baseman (3) plays closest to first and is charged with covering first base when a ground ball is hit to an infielder. The second baseman (4) plays between first and second base. The third baseman plays closest to third(5) and the shortstop (6) plays between second and third base. The outfield is numbered in order, left (7), center (8), and right (9) with the positions being named by the catcher point of view.


A lineup consists of nine players. In the National League the nine batters are the same nine that play the field. In the American League the pitcher can be replaced with a designated hitter (DH), whose job is to only hit and not field.

Game Play

A game consists of nine innings. Each inning has a top, in which the visiting team bats, and a bottom, when the home team bats. The bottom half of the final inning is not necessary if the home team is ahead at the end of the top half of that inning. A game is official after 5 innings have been played.

Each half inning consists of 3 outs. An out is recorded when the batter strikes out (three pitches are called strikes), a fly ball is caught, a ground ball leads to a force out, or a baserunner is tagged while off a base.

The result of an at bat can be a walk (4 pitches outside of the strikezone with no attempted swing), a strike out (a total of 3 pitches that are within the strikezone or swung at without resulting in a fair ball), or the ball can be hit. A fly ball can be caught in either fair or foul territory to become an out. A foul ball cannot be the third strike.

Runs are scored when a runner makes it completely around the bases before 3 outs have been recorded. The winning team has more runs at the end of the game. If after nine full innings the score is tied the game continues with full innings until one team has more runs and is declared the winner.